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RISC OS can be an interesting operating system to develop for. A significant amount of development is done in C or Assembly language but other languages are also available.

RISC OS development has always leveraged the power of individual tools rather than providing a monolithic IDE. The main tool in this section, Sourcery, attempts to pull these tools together in a familiar and easy to use front end.

A comprehensive and easy to use front end for RISC OS development. Enables you to leverage the power of individual tools in a joined up way.

Like make, Sourcery will manage the source code that makes up a project but unlike make it will also manage the various resources files that are required to produce a RISC OS application. These include Sprite, Message and Template files.

CLibSupport is a library of functions that has been created to help with the porting of other software on this site when using the Shared C Library.

Some of the functions are replacements for POSIX functions that RISC OS lacks whilst others are RISC OS specific memory management routines.

ExprEval is a mostly a C based expression evaluation library. The only C++ part is the C++ Wrapper which encapsulates the complexity of the library usage.

ExprEval supports the parsing of multiple expressions in a single expression string. Each sub-expression must end with a semicolon. It also supports the use of variables, constants, and functions. Functions can take multiple arguments. These arguments can also be expressions.

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