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Audio and visual editing was another area where RISC OS once excelled. Unfortunately one of the strengths of RISC OS, it's super low resource requirements, meant that manipulating large media files could require significantly more resources than a standard machine might offer. Even so, many notable applications still challenged the more mainstream platforms in the functionality they offered.

This section therefore contains some audio related software.

SampleEd is a sound sample editor which can load and save a variety of different formats and makes use of the LADSPA plugin architecture to provide third party filters and effects.

A port of some LADSPA plugins which can be used with LADSPA compliant applications to apply effects to audio files.

LADSPA (Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API) is an API which allows audio effect plugins to be loaded dynamically by LADSPA compliant applications. A suitable application for RISC OS which can make use of these plugins is SampleEd which can be found elsewhere on this site.

LADSPAMan is a plugin manager for LADSPA plugins.

A port of the libsndfile library to allow reading and writing of different sound sample formats.

libsndfile is a library for reading and writing sound sample files in a variety of different formats. The following description comes from the documentation included with the library:

A port of the mpglib library to allow reading of MP3 files.

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