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Skinny is a theme creation application that lets you define the look of RISC OS including the furniture around the windows, general desktop sprites, file and application sprites and other window manager settings.

In order to use the themes created by Skinny you require the theme manager from Little Yellow Moon Software.

OLESupport module is copyright (c) R-Comp, and included with permission.



  Version Size Date Notes
Archive 0.21 116K 24-Oct-2012 History


  Version Size Date
PDF 0.20 480K 22-Oct-2012

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It may be necessary to install some or all of the following software in order for Sourcery to work on your computer:

Toolbox modules for RISC OS 3.1 and 4.x from RISC OS Ltd

Toolbox (RISC OS 5.xx)
Toolbox modules for RISC OS 5.x courtesy of AppBasic

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